Weekly Movie News Roundup 01.06.2012

Posted 01/06/2012

Weekly Movie News Roundup 01.06.2012

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Calling all party people
Charlie Sheen has a rep as one of the world’s wildest partiers. So it’s quite appropriate that he’ll be appearing at the 21st annual MTV Movie Awards to introduce a tribute to the greatest party movies of all time. The actor will also introduce Wiz Khalifa’s first ever live performance of the single ‘Work Hard, Play Hard.’ Again: quite appropriate.

A dirtbag with a dream
The MTV Movie Awards have always represented the opposite of all those pretentious industry awards shows—and all the brown-nosing that goes with them. So we were shocked when we heard that one nominee has mounted a ‘For Your Consideration’ campaign...until we learned it was Oliver Cooper vying to be named Best On-Screen Dirtbag. Yeah, now THAT sounds like what we’d expect from the Movie Awards! The ‘Project X’ star and Hollywood newcomer has filmed a couple of impassioned (and hilarious) pleas for the golden popcorn, declaring that he has a ‘proven track record as a douchebag.’ Just for the record, he’s referring to his movie character!

Weekly casting news roundup
Jason Sudeikis, Zac Efron, Malin Akerman, and Jason Bateman are all reportedly in talks to star in the dysfunctional family drama ‘This Is Where I Leave You’ ... Taylor Lautner’s role in the ‘Grown-Ups’ sequel has been revealed: He plays a fraternity brother, MTV News has learned ... And Anne Hathaway is in talks for the indie film ‘Song One,’ about a woman who becomes romantically involved with a musician, ‘Variety’ reports. Fun fact: The actress’s fiancé, Adam Shulman, is producing. If their relationship can survive planning a wedding and shooting a film at the same time, they can make it through anything!